Living In Your Home

Insurance, Safety and Security

Whilst the Association is responsible for insuring the building where you live, we do not insure the contents of your home – and we strongly advise you to take out contents insurance.

When taking out home contents insurance it is advisable to check the wording of your home contents insurance carefully, to ensure that you comply with its requirement. Failure to do so could prove very costly, in the event that you are burgled.

Locks and keys

Please note that we do not hold a spare set of keys for your property. If you lose them we are not responsible for replacing or changes unless you request this at your cost. However, you may wish to improve the security of your property by adding extra locks to your doors or windows which you have to arrange and pay for yourself. Your local Crime Prevention Officer will be able to offer advice on home security.

Crime prevention measures

One of the easiest ways to improve Home Security is to put yourself in the position of the burglar. If he were prowling the streets, what does he look for? Would he come to your door? You can assess your own security by casually walking the length of the street and asking yourself

  • How quiet is it?
  • Are there any Neighbourhood Watch signs indicating that residents may be watching? Is it the sort of street that everyone keeps themselves to themselves?
  • Does a particular house stand out from the others, because it is particularly nice or because the security looks poor?
  • Are there any open or rotten windows?
  • Are there any obvious signs that the residents are not at home?