Joint tenancy

Can I Have a Joint Tenancy?

At the start of the tenancy, the main applicant who has been offered the property will sign the tenancy agreement with Karin. However, you may be granted to include another person in the tenancy as a joint tenant if requested. There can only be two people in a joint tenancy agreement.

Adding another Person to the Tenancy after it has been signed

If you are the sole tenant, you can ask Karin or social landlord to consider adding another person to your tenancy agreement to make a joint tenancy. If we agree to give you a joint tenancy, formally, your current tenancy will have to come to an end and a new joint tenancy will be issued.

Legal Rights to Joint Tenancy

Your tenancy will not be changed to joint tenancy if:

  • There are rent arrears in your existing tenancy
  • A Notice of Seeking Possession or court order for possession has already been issued
  • There is a history of unsuccessful/broken joint tenancy, domestic violence or anti-social behaviour
  • Any other reason where Karin or social landlord reasonably believes it would not be in the interests of the existing tenant or in the interest of the association to grant a joint tenancy. Before entering into a joint tenancy agreement, we recommend our tenants to seek independent advice on how their rights would be affected.